Its just a beautiful road at Sreemongol , Bangladesh, surrounded by green trees and crop land in both side of the road.


Homeless Woman-FIGHTER in real life!!

It was August 2014. I was travelling to Sreemongol, Sylhet, Bangladesh along with some of my friends through Train. We started our journey from Dhaka at 11.00 P.M. and train reached to the Sreemongol railway station at around 3.45 A.M. Journey was good. We had to wait till 6.00 A.M. at the station to find a transport and reach to our resort as whole town was sleeping then.

In that two hours I observed some pathetic scenario at the station this picture is one of the example. The woman in the picture is around 75 years old was sleeping at the station by sitting aside of a wall. She is a beggar in the Sreemongol rail station. Her white Saree indicate her as a widow. May be she had adult children and they don’t care about her or she does not have any children to take care of her in this old age. So, she take the station platform as her home. She begs at station, eat at station, sleep at station. I recalled my grand mom (she is dead) and wondered by seeing her as in that age every women looks more or less same. However, to me these kind of women are the real FIIGHTER in the world. They are fighting every day for food, cloth and shelter.

Anyway, before leaving the station platform in the morning 6.00 AM, I dropped little money to her empty begging bowl silently and left her alone in the station – saluting this FIGHTER!!